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10 topics if you talk to the girl that will make her fall in love with you


You may find the girl of your dreams and meet her constantly, but you can’t talk to her about anything and you find your tongue knotted because of your extreme shyness. Women love nice words, and their attention is attracted by a man who is able to pick words and phrases very carefully, so talking and having conversations is the best way to get close to the girl and get her attention and heart, but if you can’t talk to the girl of your dreams because of your extreme shyness, we offer you in the details of this topic some topics that are best addressed when you are with her.

If your knowledge of the girl who caught your attention hasn’t been long, avoid asking personal and private questions because you’ll be rude if you do. Focus well on what you say, when and where to say it, and be a good listener and don’t interrupt her conversation. If you want to get to know the girl you like most after you get to know each other, there are a number of simple and quick topics you can talk about:


Tell her how beautiful, smart and nice she is.

Your confession will show her that you are a fan and interested in her in form and substance, no woman does not want to hear these nice words. Tell her how beautiful and intelligent you see her in a different and distinctive way. Be confident that when you hear that you like her way of thinking and her personality, you’ll be able to get her attention even more.


Ask her for help.

Women are more attracted to men who leave their selfishness and ego aside so that they can come to women to help. When you need her experience to help you with some work or things so you don’t hesitate to turn to her, you’ll feel that you trust her and appreciate her a lot.


How was that day?

This question is one of the simplest and easiest ways you can start a conversation with a girl, simply ask her how your day was and don’t make it just that it was a good day, or nice. Always try asking more questions for more details.


Learn about her hobbies

Ask her about her hobbies, what she likes to do, how she likes to spend her vacation and days, and what you have in common. This is one of the most common ways to express your admiration for the girl indirectly.



If you have previous experiences travelling to tourist or archaeological places, share the details, studies have shown that women are more willing to travel than men, and also share their travel experiences.


Food and drink

Talk a little about food, no one doesn’t eat or drink, ask her about her favorite food and drink and whether she likes cooking or has secrets about the cooking world.


Long and intimate conversations

If your relationship is closer and stronger than the first, and you get closer to each other, then maybe it’s time for some long and intimate conversations as follows:



When you talk to a girl about your family members and family, you make her feel important to you, and it brings you closer to her. Learn about her childhood and her family, get to know her closer and better and touch on all the details related to this subject.


Dreams and ambitions

You can ask her what goals she aspires to reach and the dreams she dreams of achieving one day, and ask her about her plans for the future, if she plans to travel or save money and buy something. Women consider men’s interest in their ambitions and objectives to be one of the things that attract their attention to them.


I know when to shut up.

Sometimes you have to be silent because it is the wise and correct decision in that position. Learn when to remain silent, when to speak and listen to them carefully and quietly.




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