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2023 BMW 7 Series, All you want to know about a Great Car

Apr 21, 2022
2023 BMW 7 Series, All you want to know about a Great Car

2023 BMW 7 Series, All you want to know about a Great Car


2023 BMW 7 Series First Look: My Eyes Are Down Here, Pal

The 7th-generation 7 Series gets a new V-8, Hans Zimmer noises, and a massive 31-inch theater screen.

The headliner of the all-new 7th-generation BMW 7 Series lineup is the brand’s new flagship EV, the all-electric i7 sedan. While that 7 is sure to garner maximum attention, it’s being unveiled alongside an updated family of the combustion-powered 7 Series, which arrives sporting an updated I-6 and an all-new available V-8 engine architecture that’s tuned to match the EV’s impressive 536 horsepower. BMW has developed the new 7 lineup to offer a near identical performance and luxury package in three distinct powertrain offerings, in a bold commitment to both internal combustion engines (ICE) and EVs for years to come. Are you impressed that we made it this far into the story without mentioning the 7’s new schnoz?


Three Versions Of The New 7

BMW says the new 7 Series platform was designed to be flexible for a range of three different drive types from the outset, including the two new mild hybrid models announced today, a future plug-in hybrid, and the i7 fully electric, and all three powertrains can be outfitted within a single assembly line at BMW’s Dingolfing plant. Now, about that face… The 7 lineup, including the recently updated X7 SUV, will also exclusively feature the new split headlight signature detail, at least for the time being, to distinguish the brand’s highest luxury offerings.

The new 7 Series launches with three new models, two of which will be combustion-powered. The most interesting out of the two is the 2023 BMW 760i xDrive all-wheel drive model that features an all-new V-8 engine. BMW is confident they have pre-programmed the new 7’s powertrain development to be compliant with global regulation expectations beyond 2030.

The 4.4-liter turbocharged V-8 gets a new cross-bank exhaust manifold, added external oil cooling with a new oil pump and lighter oil sump, improved turbocharger performance, and it’s linked to a 48-volt mild hybrid starter-generator system connected to a new eight-speed sport transmission with adaptive recuperation (regenerative braking). The new V-8 is good for 536 horsepower (the same output as the new i7) with peak torque of 553 lb-ft. It gets from 0 to 60 mph in an estimated 4.2 seconds.

The new 760i is joined by the 2023 BMW 740i s-Drive, which gets a upgraded Miller-cycle 3.0-liter turbocharged I-6 engine (now referred to as codename “B58TU2”), with redesigned combustion chambers and intake ports, variable camshaft timing, and it’s also linked to a 48-volt mild hybrid system with the new sport transmission.

What’s New Inside? Screens. Lots Of Screens.

There’s a huge new curved display featuring BMW’s latest version of iDrive infotainment stretching from the center console to behind the steering wheel. Gesture control is still a thing, and the new interior layout is specifically mapped for gesture (hand-waving, spinning, etc.) and voice control, with minimal touchpoints. A new BMW Interaction Bar turns the crystal trim strip into a touch-sensitive control panel, featuring climate control, hazard lights, glove compartment opening, and the door-close button.

A Literal Movie Theater

Enjoy riding in your full-size luxury sedan more than driving it? The new 7’s pièce de résistance is the optional $4,750 rear theater experience that is as ridiculous as it sounds. A 31.3-inch 8K touchscreen display with Amazon Fire TV is mounted to the roof in the rear passenger area, and electronically folds up and out of the way when not in use. Other applications, including YouTube and Netflix, can be signed into under various user profiles for a tailored user experience. Click on your profile, and you should be signed into all your stuff, probably just like your Fire-equipped TV at home.

Some of the vehicle’s sound animations have been composed by Oscar-winning Hans Zimmer, who has also composed melodic drive soundtracks for the all-electric (and pretty silent, otherwise) i7 model. The theater’s start up animation melody is one of the composed sounds.

Driver Assistance

BMW has teamed up with Mobileye for the 7th-gen 7 Series, claiming the car features the world’s first application of new 8.0-megapixel cameras that reduce the amount of hardware required for the sensor and camera array, while doubling the amount of measurable data points for the onboard driver assistance systems to analyze.

The optional Driving Assistance Professional Package with Highway Assistant allows the driver to go hands-free on highways at speeds up to 80 mph, with a driver monitoring system to make sure they remain focused on the road ahead and can take over operation if needed. Optional BMW Live Cockpit Professional offers an augmented reality video feed on the screen ahead of the driver, with readout and guidance information mapped over a live feed of the driver’s perspective.

Other driver assistance systems include Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go functionality, Speed Limit Assist, Lane Departure Warning, City Collision Mitigation, Automated Parking, as well as Steering and Lane Control assist. BMW promises that drivers will have a lot of control over the vehicle’s drive settings, if you still want to turn things off and let loose. Will all this new tech successfully distract from the 7’s unique front-end styling? Or will that styling be a feature, not a bug? Only time will tell.

2023 BMW 7 Series, On Youtube


BMW i7 PREMIERE the new king of luxury? all-new 2023 BMW 7-Series comes both as EV and V8 / R6 !

New BMW 7 Series: Includes an 8k CINEMA?!

The new i7 and the new 7.

2023 BMW 7 Series Pictures

2023 BMW 7 Series  2023 BMW 7 Series    2023 BMW 7 Series    2023 BMW 7 Series  2023 BMW 7 Series

2023 BMW 7 Series  2023 BMW 7 Series    2023 BMW 7 Series    2023 BMW 7 Series  2023 BMW 7 Series

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2023 BMW 7 Series  2023 BMW 7 Series    2023 BMW 7 Series    2023 BMW 7 Series  2023 BMW 7 Series

2023 BMW 7 Series  2023 BMW 7 Series    2023 BMW 7 Series    2023 BMW 7 Series  2023 BMW 7 Series