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4 personal secrets you should never tell someone

Jul 20, 2021
4 personal secrets you should never tell someone

It is not always in the interest of a person to share his personal life with others. In general, there are private information and details that should not be shared and may lead to misunderstanding, and have a bad effect on the individual.

In the following report, we have collected for you four secrets that it is preferable to keep to yourself and not to disclose them, and if you have already said them, you should review yourself in the future before entering them into your conversations…

They are as follows:

1. Doing good

No matter how much money you give in charity, and no matter how much your charitable works, once you talk about it and try to show it to people, the result will be counterproductive, and all the positive aspects that were present in your work will be destroyed.

Your act of goodness must be self-convinced, derived from your true desire to help the other, without waiting for any moral or material reward.

2. Your level of consciousness

If you have certain cognitive gains, or you have reached advanced facts, and you come to believe that your degree of awareness has exceeded your surroundings, then it is your duty not to point this out.

No one is willing to accept that you are more aware than he is, and no one will accept the facts you have come to know just by telling them in general terms.

At each stage of awareness, it is preferable to keep it a secret between you and yourself, and if you want to share it with others, you should only hint at it, whether through examples or questions that stimulate the desire for knowledge.

If you want someone to reach what you have reached, leave them room for self-conclusion rather than direct statement.

3. Your ambition

Your big dream, and your future ambition, should not be revealed to anyone, in this case your brain will receive the speech as if you have already achieved it, even though it is just sayings.

Your brain here will feel that it has done a serious job and therefore your ambition towards it will decrease, and it may never be achieved on the ground.

Much research since 1933 supports this idea, as psychologists argue that talking about a goal gives a premature sense of accomplishment based on intent.

4. The struggles you are experiencing

Most people suffer from psychological conflicts and family problems, but only a few can separate them from their outside work life.

Talking about your problems with strangers doesn’t improve your situation as much as it makes them negative and even your outside world.

In this regard, experts believe that it is important to keep this information confidential, and if it gets out of control, it is advised to seek help from a friend or therapist.

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