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4 signs that reveal to a man that his sexual health is in danger, discover them and pay attention to them

Jul 20, 2021
4 signs that reveal to a man that his sexual health is in danger, discover them and pay attention to them

The World Health Organization defines “sexual health” as a state of physical, mental and social happiness for a person that requires a special approach to sexual relations based on all that is positive and respectful, and that guarantees the person’s safe enjoyment, free from all forms of coercion, violence or discrimination.

There are many sexual problems and diseases that men may suffer from all over the world, and the speed of discovering these problems and treating them early accelerates the treatment process and reduces the damage,

The following are 4 signs that a man’s sexual health is beginning to be in danger, and he must be aware of them:

Men’s lack of satisfaction after sexual activity:

When a man does not feel satisfied after his sexual activity, whether this is the stages of excitement, stability, emergence or relaxation, and the reasons are either psychological and related to psychological stress, depression and the man’s view of sex or physical and manifested in diabetes, heart diseases in general, neurological diseases and hormonal imbalances.

Inability of a man to achieve an erection:

The inability to have an erection for a period of time and the inability to keep the member erect, the causes of erectile dysfunction are many and varied in which many factors overlap, most notably the lack of desire in men and problems with ejaculation, or biological causes that are manifested in heart diseases and inflammation of the nerves, or psychological causes which are linked to stress and anxiety on performance.

A man feels depressed after sex:

The natural feeling that a man should feel after having a relationship is happiness, but if he suffers from depression immediately after the practice, this indicates an imbalance in his sexual health, and this is a matter suffered by a large number of men, as their depression cases are associated with their feelings of guilt. . In this case, doctors advise to start psychotherapy quickly.

Erections not related to sexual arousal:

An erection without reason, which lasts for a long time more than 3 hours, is medically called a “persistent erection” and requires urgent medical care. A persistent erection occurs due to excessive blood flow to the organ, and its inability to exit from that area. Doctors say that any delay in Treatment in this case will lead to significant damage to the penis.

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