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4 signs that someone is lying to you through their text messages

Jul 11, 2021
4 signs that someone is lying to you through their text messages

4 signs that someone is lying to you through their text messages


A study in the US showed we lie 11 times a week, while another revealed that 60% of people would lie during a 10-minute conversation. As it turns out, lying via your phone is much easier than doing it face to face. But on the other hand, emails seem to be the most honest form of communication, where people lie less. We have collected 4 of the most deceptive methods used by a liar to try to cover himself up through messages.


They’re trying to change the subject:

The liar will try to change the subject of your discussion and focus on a completely different topic. They may even pretend to have been hurt by your hint that they are lying. This is called an external distraction, and while focusing on it, a liar may accuse the other person of lying about something. They can even try every possible way to avoid answering the initial question that puts them under the microscope.


They praise you after giving you a quick answer:

Flattery is a way of manipulating many people in their professional and personal lives. A liar can use it to control the conversation and steer it in a new direction. It tends to be successful just because we all like to be told nice things about ourselves. The manipulator/liar knows us well and can address our fears when it suits them.


They claim to be honest and that they “never lie”:

In their efforts to be convincing, liars will overemphasize their sincerity. Phrases such as “to be honest,” “believe me” and “tell you the truth” are commonly used. If a person is honest, they won’t need to repeat how honest they are over and over again. By resorting to this trick, they are clearly trying to hide the truth from you by asserting their sincerity.


They create very complex and detailed stories:

A person talented enough to create such detailed and colorful stories may be a pathological liar. Their stories are usually very compelling, while sometimes complex and dramatic. The finer details make their stories seem honest, and they may believe their fabricated stories. This makes it difficult for you to deal with them because they don’t fully realize that they are lying but think they are telling the truth.


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