8 actions if you do, you will look attractive in the eyes of any woman

From the old sayings that women care about a man’s pocket more than his look or appearance, while the facts indicate that women like to associate with an attractive man who is good at paying attention to his appearance and elegance. If you want to win the heart of a woman, make sure that she looks attractive, and this is possible by doing the following eight actions:


If you want to appear attractive in the eyes of a woman, give her the opportunity to express her opinion and herself when they are talking about a subject. Not allowing her to speak is a tactless behavior that a woman does not like, but rather repels. Always make sure to ask her about her opinion.


It is wrong to think that women do not like men to use perfume, but rather they like men to perfume with a type of perfume that suits them. Choose a light fragrance with a masculine fragrance to be more attractive and distinctive.


Do not exaggerate when you introduce yourself to a woman. 88% of women prefer a man who knows himself in all realism and away from any exaggeration or arrogance in order to influence her.


Some men, in their first meeting and appointment with a woman, forget themselves and start talking without stopping and without paying attention to the time if it is late for the woman, so ask her if it is late for her and perhaps she prefers to go home early. This will make you look tactful, interested and attractive in her eyes.


One of the worst things that a dear man can do is to ask a woman about her emotional past, as this is the most hated thing for her. Also, do not try to brag about your emotional past in front of her, because this does not concern her, neither from near nor from afar, but rather it may keep her away from you.


If you think that all women love a man with a strong physique and consider him attractive, then you are wrong, according to a statistic, 65% of women are attracted to a man who has a good way of thinking and a distinguished mind away from the external form, so do not talk in front of her about any combat sports such as wrestling and boxing for females her attention.


According to a study, women are more attracted to a man who loves family and the family atmosphere, so he showed her that. If you tell her that you don’t like your family, for example, she’ll turn away from you a lot.


Do not force her to talk about a topic she does not like, as this will reduce his attractiveness and most likely it will be the last date that brings you together.

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