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Charisma is the hidden power that attracts anyone, here are 9 practical ways to gain it

Jul 11, 2021
Charisma is the hidden power that attracts anyone, here are 9 practical ways to gain it

Charisma is the hidden power that attracts anyone, here are 9 practical ways to gain it


“Charisma” really has no specific definition as it has everything to do with personality strength, attractiveness, self-confidence, the ability to influence others, and the ability to convince.

People who have charisma can’t forget them quickly and can’t resist them, also the category that everyone wants to recognize and accompany, are the people you want to be like, they’re the ones you want to get satisfied with, people you might think you know and at the same time you feel like you don’t know them.

Charisma is the hidden power of a personality that only a small group of humans acquire, in which they are innately born, but studies have shown that it can be acquired through training like anything else.

The question you might ask now is, “How can I gain this incredible power?”

The answer is:


1. Strength of personality:

The first principle is the power of personality, you must know your self and what you want, and then you should never hesitate to disagree with the opinions of others if you do not agree with them, and do not hesitate to express your opinion and what is going on inside you, because often you may not agree with the other party but you do not express it, expressing difference with the other is a principle to gain the power of personality and then the power of “charisma”.


2. Initiative in decision-making

You should be well aware of the dimensions of the step you wish to take and therefore not be afraid to make any decision whether it is your personal decisions or decisions of a group of people, you must assume your full responsibility in making the decision and in its consequences whatever it may be, the charisma are the master of the decision and do not accept to follow others.


3. The ability to say “no”:

You never have to be that nice person who doesn’t dare say “no” and agrees or shuts up, the charisma is exactly the opposite, so you should learn to say “no” in a timely manner in a proper way without thinking too much.


4. Non-shock and intolerance:

No matter how wrong others are in your right, don’t be fanatical and keep your smile, as well as if someone doesn’t agree with you listen to him and always see him, put the principle that all possibilities are in life and don’t get fanatical based on words that might shock you, don’t show your shock to others and don’t take it personally and in return show that you are open with a good psyche and mood whatever the situation.


5. Prove your presence:

Charisma comes with self-affirmation in public, you have to talk and interact with others and be proud of yourself, people are social and like to listen to other people’s stories, so be the subject of the story, also don’t talk too much about yourself and let others talk about you.


6. Take care of your appearance:

You have to make sure you always care about your looks and cleanliness, maybe a woman knows this well, but a man doesn’t.


7. Be a principled and objective:

In the worst of circumstances and tribulating always keep your principles, set certain goals for your life and work hard to achieve them.


8. Not all people are satisfied:

Simply because you can’t please everyone, don’t talk too much, put all their words aside and continue your way, don’t be afraid of their criticism of your choices in life, you are the only one who has the necessary data to adjust what is right for you, but about the jealous people who try to offend you, they just smile in their face. 


9. Finally use your mind and be positive:

People with a negative outlook who don’t have charisma, always be optimistic and use your mind in all your life choices more than your passion, charisma is always thinking differently.




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