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Electric car at €100 per month: an unachievable goal?

Jul 10, 2022
Electric car at €100 per month: an unachievable goal?

Electric car at €100 per month: an unachievable goal?

The executive wants to set up a long-term rental service for electric cars for less than €100 per month. A goal that is difficult to achieve.

Will it ever be possible to rent an electric car for less than 100 euros per month over a long period of time? This is possible, but under what conditions? Indeed, this project is facing severe technical difficulties, in particular. It could also prove costly.

Thus, according to Le Parisien, professionals hope that the ceiling of a vehicle eligible for social leasing should be at least 40,000 euros, excluding aid”. This is to include, in particular, the Renault Zoe and the Peugeot e-208, whose prices start at 34,000 euros.

For these reasons, Marc Bruschet, president of the dealership business at Mobilians (union of the automotive distribution and services professions) proposes “the extension of the financing period”. This up to 84 months, or even 120 months!

Another proposal is to “include used Crit’Air 1 vehicles (plug-in hybrids, gas hybrids or gasoline thermal vehicles after 1 January 2011) in the scheme”. He assures that this “would make it possible to loosen the constraint, both on volumes and on prices“.


Public accounts on alert

Still, for the moment, Bruno le Maire recently revealed that the public accounts have reached their “alert rating”. It is therefore difficult to imagine that this offer could be addressed to as many people as possible. Access should be subject to income and this should be strict.

Which does not necessarily please Marc Bruschet. He argues that the mechanism “concerns modest incomes, but also the middle classes“. Similarly, financial institutions, manufacturers or car distributors will have to make efforts.

In the meantime, there is little they can do to guarantee access to social leasing. Manufacturers and distributors are indeed in shortage of new cars. And it shouldn’t get any better anytime soon. Enough to at least give the government time to work on its aid.

Electric car at €100 per month: an unachievable goal?
Electric car at €100 per month: an unachievable goal?

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