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2023 Fiat Fastback, the Great coupe SUV you won’t be able to buy

Aug 23, 2022
2023 Fiat Fastback, the Great coupe SUV you won't be able to buy

2023 Fiat Fastback, the Great coupe SUV you won’t be able to buy.


Fiat Fastback, the “coupe” SUV you won’t be able to buy


The so-called “coupe” SUVs have the wind in their sails, and at Stellantis, we believe in them very strongly. Thus, after the Peugeot 408 and the Citroën C4-X, Fiat could also embark on the adventure, but… not in Europe.


The Fiat Fastback suv coupe will be reserved for the Brazilian market.
Fans of the brand will remember the Fastback concept of 2018: an SUV with a leaky roofline, a body shape that is now called SUV “coupe”. Wrongly, because remember, a coupe is supposed to have only 2 doors. Either. Recently, Fiat has lifted a corner of the veil on the production version which should also be called “Fastback”. Unfortunately, this model will be reserved for the Brazilian market.
The Fiat Fastback suv coupe will be reserved for the Brazilian market.

In fact, this model with modern lines is a technical cousin of the Fiat Pulse. It is therefore based on an older platform than those used in Europe by Stellantis. It is therefore a safe bet that the Fastback would not meet European standards in terms of security. Too bad…

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The FIAT Fastback makes the ultimate test without hiding it

Public secret.

Even before the official introduction, the Brazilian department of FIAT is no longer keeping a secret about the new Fastback. In addition to the number of final test rounds of the 1.3 Turbo (Flex T270), several copies were also seen during the event that resemble the dealer’s presentation.

The FIAT Fastback won’t officially hit the market until this fall. Where we in Europe are still teased until the deadline for submission, or are overwhelmed by a lot of articles ready to be published, in Brazil people have no problem showing the product in person. Also Abarth Pulse it has already been seen a lot these days, despite the fact that the official introduction is not yet a reality.

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Why small coupe SUVs are so unpopular…

There is no arguing about the taste blabla… That said; We find the FIAT Fastback to be quite ugly to say the least. A short wheelbase (and small wheels) along with a very high board (which only looks higher because of the steeply sloping rear window) and a large transition at the back, in particular, is not an aesthetic achievement. Compromise according to the latest fashion. Without the large plastic edges around the wheel arches, our statement about this figure would seem stronger.


Smart commercial design.

The Brazilian designers clearly made a lot of forced design choices once the Fastback had to be built into a production model. The idea from 2018 was more balanced. Maybe a lot has been contributed by too many people. We find the Alfa Romeo Tonale a good example of why you don’t have to make such concessions, in which the original design has remained true from the concept design.

That time people have also been able to think about this model for a long time considering the forced postponement of the launch. Of course, FIAT in Betim knows the taste of the local customer very well and the Fastback fits perfectly into the image of the business, in terms of name and design.


Fiat Fastback gets a coupe SUV design which split a lot of opinions around the world

2023 fiat fastback suv coupe makes global debut – creta rival

Now part of Stellantis, Fiat, has been absent in Indian automotive segment as it was plagued with low sales numbers. The Italian legacy brand had compelling products like Punto Evo, Urban Cross, and Linea Classic offered in India towards its endgame. Apart from mainstream cars, Fiat had also offered performance-oriented and enthusiast Abarth lineup in India too.

Even though Fiat should’ve launched more vehicles like Tipo and Panda in the country, we are to blame as well. We just didn’t buy enough of Fiat products. But Fiat is very active in South America and has revealed a new vehicle based on its popular Pulse.

Love it, or hate it. Coupe SUVs are springing up like clockwork. The first modern-age Coupe SUV is generally considered to be BMW’s X6. It was just an X5 with a sloping roofline and was sold at a higher price with less boot capacity. Soon more manufacturers followed and once a luxury segment, Coupe SUVs are now being embraced by mainstream manufacturers too.

Now, Fiat has also jumped on the bandwagon and has revealed the Fastback in Brazil. Fastback looks like it is a coupe version of Pulse crossover SUV that is on sale in Brazil and recently got an Abarth version. It is a production version of Fastback Coupe SUV concept that was displayed at Sao Paulo Motor Show 2018. Fiat has toned down a lot from the concept when developing production version of Fastback.

2023 fiat fastback suv coupe makes global debut – creta rival


Favouring practicality, production version gets 4-doors instead of two on its concept. Fiat Fastback is based on company’s MLA platform which also underpins Pulse. This MLA platform is a modified version of MP1 platform that underpins Argos and Cronos. Fiat hasn’t yet revealed any specs pertaining to dimensions and powertrains. It is likely to be the same size as Pulse and get the same set of powertrains too.

Fastback gets the same front fascia as Pulse’ with a bold FIAT logo, handsome LED headlights, fog lamps and DRLs. It gets power creases on the bonnet for added muscle. Black body cladding is offered that reduces visual bulk and gives it an SUV appeal.

Rear gets changes over Pulse. It gets wider and sleeker LED taillights, a sporty bumper with fake exhaust tips and a fake diffuser. Fiat Fastback gets blacked-out roof and shark fin antenna. It also gets different wheels over Pulse and a sloping roofline.


2023 fiat fastback suv coupe makes global debut – creta rival

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Specs & Launch

Fiat Pulse is 4.1m long, 1.77m wide, and 1,57m tall and has a long 2.53m wheelbase. Fastback is likely to be slightly larger due to extensive bodywork. But with Coupe roofline, Pulse’s 370 litres boot space will be reduced.

Interiors are not yet revealed by Fiat and are likely to be similar to Pulse’. In effect, Fastback might get the same simplistic and functional interiors with a 10.1” touchscreen with smartphone integration and a 7” digital driver’s display too.

2023 fiat fastback suv coupe makes global debut – creta rival

In terms of engines, Fastback is likely to get a 1.0L turbo-petrol engine making 130 bhp and a 1.3L turbo-petrol engine making 185 bhp. Depending on the choice, Fiat will offer either a 6-speed AT or a CVT. It is expected to launch around October 2022 as Fiat’s flagship offering in Brazil. When launched, it will compete with Hyundai Creta which recently got N Line variant and Volkswagen Nivus. Abarth version of Fastback might be launched in the coming years.