Fun Lake Benshay

Lake Benshay
Lake Benshay

Lake Benshay is one of the most important tourist destinations in Tripoli and has been popular in recent times.

Spend a whole day in this magnificent lake, without even feeling bored for a moment, for the diverse activities offered by Lake Benshay.
During your visit to the lake, you can enjoy its scenery, the surrounding mountains to the left and right, as well as to see the colourful ducks swimming in it, or take a boat and take a wonderful cruise in its side, feeding the fish in it, and after you have finished, you can take a stroll on the surrounding corniche.

There are more than 13 restaurants on the perimeter of Lake Beinhashi, serving lebanese delicacies, and nearby there is a distinctive amusement park.
To access it:
From Beirut: 85 km
From Sheka: 25 km
From Tripoli: 17 km
From Ehden: 24 km

It is about an hour and a half away from Beirut and we can reach it via the Tripoli-Zgharta Ehden highway or via the Schaka Koura Benshay Highway. It is set amidst tree-lined cliffs and greenery.
It contains hundreds of fish, which can be enjoyed by those on a peeda or regular boat (at a cost of no more than $1 per person) and cruise around them, and enjoy their forms while throwing their own food.
You can wander around on a wide promenade (5 meters) that surrounds all sides, and your eyes are beautifully seen in the green mountains, forming a backdrop and clear blue waters that birds occasionally cover and floaton stowaway ducks and geese.

The Museum of Stuffed Animals, which houses more than 3,000 species of wild and marine animals such as fish, shells, birds, birds of all kinds, insects, butterflies, frogs, 31, live, deer, wild cats, predators, bears including polar bears, foxes of all kinds, wolves and zebras, is a must-visit.

In a distinct framework of natural beauty and tourist facilities provided for comfort restaurants of all kinds, water sports, kayak, peedallo, bicycles, walking and spaces for children.

Lake Benshay
Lake Benshay



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