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Honda Civic Test: Not As Wise as It Looks

Jun 30, 2022
Honda Civic Test: Not As Wise as It Looks

Honda Civic Test: Not As Wise as It Looks


Yes, we admit it: a few months ago, the first images and the first information about the new Honda Civic, 11th of its dynasty launched 50 years ago, had not particularly aroused our interest. At first we found its design a little too wise at first glance. And the only engine (hybrid) that was announced certainly promised excellent consos, for lack of overflowing character. But you should never judge a book on its cover.

Honda Civic
Honda Civic – DR

Not photogenic

First, the Civic has a small problem: it is not the most photogenic. Because when we discover her in real life, it emerges from her much more personality, muscle and dynamism than the images let him suspect. The Civic certainly does not reach heights of sex appeal, but it does not prevent that it has something attractive. In the cabin, the only thing that can be improved in our opinion is the multimedia screen. Not its quality, nor that of the system to which it gives access, but just… his position, up there, without apparent search for aesthetic intent.

Honda Civic
Honda Civic – DR

For the rest, we like the very horizontal design of the dashboard, and the “honeycomb” headband that runs over its entire width. The seats are excellent, the driving position is perfect, as is the overall quality. And in terms of roominess (rear seats, trunk), we are in the good average of the compact wagon. Clearly, we have already largely revised our prejudices. And that’s just the beginning.

Hybrid, with something extra

It was the road test that finished crumbling our last preconceived ideas. Because the fact is that the hybrid system of the Civic has as much in common as differences with that of the CR-V for example, which we know well. First, the 2.0-liter gasoline engine is brand new.

Ditto for the majority of the electric part, including more power for the engine, and more lightness and energy density for the battery. Several objectives behind these modifications: obviously that of further improving consumption and emissions, but also (especially?) that of creating a classic hybrid engine – not to be confused with a plug-in hybrid – more responsive than ever.

Honda Civic
Honda Civic – DR

Indeed, as much as the Civic is capable of mind-boggling consos in anticipatory driving (a little more than 4 l/100 km real, and even less in the city), it shows a real sporty character when you are in a good mood and the road lends itself to it. The system reacts instantly to gas blows, without delay, without the usual “elastic” effect of conventional hybrids.

As soon as you push, it grows, and in addition… she sings! In short, the Civic accelerates like a normal car, and it is only when you release the accelerator in view of a corner for example, that it loses some of its excellent natural feeling. The icing on the cake, the engineers have rewarded the Civic with an excellent chassis, efficient, comfortable, and also a bit playful. Connoisseurs will understand. A nice surprise that this new Honda Civic, offered from 31.790 €.


The Honda Civic in a few figures

  • Engine: 4 cyl., petrol, hybrid, 1.993cc; 185ch; 315Nm
  • Transmission: to the front wheels.
  • Box: auto 1 gear
  • L/l/h (mm) : 4.551/1.802/1.408
  • Empty weight (kg) : 1.517
  • Trunk volume (l) : 415 – 1.220
  • Tank (l) : 40
  • 0 to 100 km/h (sec.): 7.8
  • Maximum speed (km/h): 180 km/h
  • Conso. Mixed (l/100 km): 4.7
  • CO2 (g/km) : 108
  • Price (€) : 29.990


New Honda Civic: The 11th version of Honda’s family hatchback is hybrid-only


The Honda Civic is about as familiar as cars get. It’s existed in one form or another for the last 50 years, and in that time, over 27.5 million of them have been sold worldwide. This new 11th-generation version of the Civic, however, might not be so familiar as previous versions. Gone are the overly fussy looks in favour of a much cleaner, more simple deign, but more of a game-changer is the fact that the new Civic is the first one that’s only available as a petrol-electric hybrid.

Two electric motors combined with a 2.0-litre petrol engine to deliver 180 horsepower and average fuel economy of up to 60mpg. That’s all very well in theory, but how does it perform in real life, and for that matter, how does it perform in the other important areas of practicality, quality, technology, comfort, refinement, equipment and cost-effectiveness?


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