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Kia Niro: Electrification for all

Jul 6, 2022
Kia Niro: Electrification for all

Kia Niro: Electrification for all

The new Kia Niro has been redesigned to combine bold styling, modular interior space and state-of-the-art technology with a range of electric powertrains to meet the diverse needs of European customers.


For Kia, the energy transition must be smooth. Also, the new Niro houses a diverse range of electrified powertrains, which have been developed to adapt to everyday use for a variety of lifestyles: simple hybrid (HEV) for those who have just entered the electrification market, plug-in hybrid (PHEV) for customers wishing to opt for a sustainable commute, and Battery Electric (BEV) for those who are ready to make the full transition to fully electric mobility with a range of 460 km.

Kia Niro
Kia Niro – DR

With a starting price of €45,590, the Kia Niro EV has the best range-to-cost ratio in its segment. In addition, its battery can become a portable power source. Using the inner plug and an external connector, Niro EV owners can easily use battery power (up to a minimum of 20% charge) to operate other electrical appliances. This Vehicle-to-Device (V2D) function is rated at 3 kW, offering an ideal V2D capability for outdoor recreation and long weekend country getaways.

By 2027, Kia will launch no less than 14 new electric models.

Kia Niro: Electrification for all
Kia Niro: Electrification for all


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