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Medical tourism in Lebanon… the destination for plastic surgery

We have all seen Arab TV and cinema shows in which a person goes to Lebanon to look several years younger, whether it is by getting his hair transplanted, liposuction, skin tightening and wrinkle treatment, and so on. Arab cinema always emphasizes that Lebanon is a center of beauty, whether in terms of medical tourism or the appearance of its indigenous citizens, and how they always appear in a state of beauty and radiance.

Indeed, Lebanon is not only famous for plastic surgery of all kinds, but it competes with Western countries in its quality, and is considered a starting point for plastic surgery in the Arab world and its spread.

It is noticeable that the Lebanese stars, who have recently become famous in the fields of singing, acting and the arts in general, are distinguished by their distinctive appearance. Many of them refer to undergoing plastic surgery, which made girls in general take them as role models and want to achieve a beauty that competes with the beauty of the stars.

Under these circumstances, plastic surgery has developed in Lebanon, and private medical centers have invested heavily in private cosmetic centers that compete globally. Doctors in Lebanon also have an oriental sense of beauty, which helps the Arab patient to reach the desired result specifically.

According to research by the World Bank, the field of medical tourism weighs $40 billion worldwide, including $10 billion for the Middle East and Lebanon, which is a regional platform for medical care, and plastic surgery accounts for more than 70% of medical tourism. And if you are wondering about the nature of cosmetic surgeries that characterizes Lebanon, and the costs of each operation, here is a summary of some of them.


Average prices for months of operations

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  • Rhinoplasty: who does it cost? US dollars to??? American dollar

    The doctor performs the surgery through both nostrils, and the use of full or partial anesthesia during the surgery, and it takes half an hour to two hours, after which you may need to stay in the hospital for one or two nights after the surgery.

  • Nose surgery with laser: costs who??? US dollars to??? American dollar                                                               
  • The laser beam is used in this technique, where the laser beam makes a cut in the skin, and then the beams are used to carve the nasal cartilage. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and will not require hospitalization after it is performed.
  • Dental implant process US dollars to??? American dollar

    This technique allows replacing a tooth, molar or a number of teeth without affecting the adjacent teeth, and without causing any side risk.

    This process is divided into two stages. Where the root is first implanted into the jawbone through a simple surgery to replace the missing tooth roots, then the teeth are focused on them after about two months, so that they are attached to the bone.

    The implanted tooth is a titanium screw characterized by its ability to fuse with the bone as part of it.

  • Hair transplantation: who does it cost? US dollars to??? American dollar

    There are two ways to obtain follicular units from the fertile zone rich in the scalp. The more traditional method is to remove a long, thin strip of the fertile area which is then dissected into follicular units under specialized microscopes.

    A newer method known as “follicular unit extraction” is where the follicular units are removed one by one directly from the scalp, and once the follicular units are harvested, the following steps are equally important in both directions. Hundreds or thousands of needle-sized holes are formed in the bald area (to which hair is sent) for vaccinations to be received.

    After puncture, grafting is carried out in porous units and this step takes several hours. Either way, the follicles will start producing new hair within two to three months, and the hair that grows in those follicles will be fully grown or mature after about one year.

  • Liposuction: who does it cost? US dollars to??? American dollar

    Liposuction sculpts the body by removing unwanted excess fat from specific areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, back, chin, cheeks, and neck. This procedure is beneficial for those who have a normal weight and a fit, lean body but have pockets of excess fat in some unsuitable areas of the body.

  • Abdominoplasty: how much does it cost? US dollars to??? American dollar

    Tummy tuck in Lebanon is the perfect solution for those who suffer from sagging in the middle area of ​​the waist or want to reduce the amount of excess fat in the abdomen. In addition, abdominoplasty or abdominoplasty is also for those who want to improve the shape of a sagging abdomen after repeated pregnancy.

    You can restore your thin appearance if you do not intend to become pregnant again, with a tummy tuck. Many patients who undergo a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty also undergo liposuction.

    Therefore, this procedure is often done with a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty to get a better result for removing excess fat; Where several body sculpting procedures can be combined to achieve a harmonious and beautiful body, which increases self-confidence and allows you to wear whatever you want without feeling shy.

And other cosmetic surgeries, medicine, surgeries and vision correction 

The prices for your treatments/surgeries, and medical tourism in Lebanon, are usually set in a personalized treatment plan, dependent on your personal health condition. They will then provide you with your medical details, identify the problem, and give you a summary of the medical note.

After reviewing your medical reports, the team of doctors in Lebanon will be informed of your illness and will estimate the price and course of treatment. Accordingly, the cost of the entire medical tourism process in Lebanon will be estimated.


Where can you get the best plastic surgery in Lebanon?

Beirut is the Lebanese capital, which ranks first among all Lebanese governorates in terms of hospitals and beauty centers. Followed by the governorates of Mount Lebanon, South and Baalbek. In general, cosmetic centers are spread in most governorates of Lebanon, whether they target clients from abroad or from within, because the Lebanese people accept plastic surgery in a large way;

The social customs there do not condemn plastic surgery and treat it as a normal thing, among men and women of all social and economic levels.

In general, all types of plastic surgery are performed in Lebanon, whether they are surgeries, laser operations, and other modern devices. It is one of the most famous operations in the beauty centers in Lebanon is body sculpting, gynecomastia, cheek injections, lips, and other cosmetic procedures.

In order to be able to choose the best doctor in Lebanon to suit your situation, this is done through several criteria. Ask if the doctor has performed plastic surgery on a number of people in the same condition before? Can he provide you with other patients who have had plastic surgery with him to know their experience about the treatment and competence of the doctor and his medical staff?

Are there negative opinions and bad evaluations of the doctor on social networking sites or the Internet in general? Is the doctor in a convenient place and easy to go to? Does the doctor accept you and treat your condition in the right way? Does the doctor follow his patients and take care of their complaints after the operation? All these points should be taken into consideration before selecting the best doctor in Lebanon for you. It is important to note that there are highly qualified and unpopular doctors.

As mentioned before, Beirut ranks as the world capital of plastic surgery. In addition, medical tourism in Lebanon has become famous for aesthetic tourism, which includes going on a trip to the beach and visiting health resorts, as part of the treatment program, to obtain the desired relaxation.

So it would be great to reshape the nose or liposuction for the thighs, in the lap of nature and scenic views. This is to take advantage of the country’s tourism wealth and combine it with the experience of the surgeons.

Are there other specialties besides cosmetology that are recommended in Lebanon?

Perhaps this question is on your mind now, since plastic surgery is the lion’s share in Lebanon. However, Lebanese medicine is generally recommended, whether in cosmetology or other specialties, where you can undergo treatment for these diseases and more in Lebanon, with international efficiency.

(Allergies, bariatric surgery, heart diseases, colorectal problems, dermatology, making a diagnosis of the condition, diet treatment, drug rehabilitation, ear, nose and throat treatment, endocrine treatment, digestive diseases, performing any simple or complex surgery, and treating diseases women, immune problems, treatment of infectious diseases,

Maxillofacial surgery, neonatal problems, nephrology, neurosurgery, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, pulmonary and respiratory medicine, reproductive medicine, rheumatology, spine surgery, urology, vascular medicine ).

Whichever specialty you go to, hospitals in Lebanon use the latest technology and equipment in their procedures. These include MRI, CT scan, fluorescent X-ray, 4D ultrasound, 3D echocardiography, bone densitometry (I-DEXA) and digital radiography.

So, Lebanon is not only limited to cosmetic surgeries; Despite its fame, it excels in the medical aspect in general, and foreigners from all over the world refer to it for hospitalization, because in addition to medical competence and long experience, the method of its care and its charming nature, makes it combine tourism and treatment at the same time .


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