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  • L.A. attorney finds himself with a broken heart and thinks his life is over until he meets his soulmate from a different country, who has just experienced the same heart broken experience from her evil spouse. They are about to realize that the one thing that cost their spouses to abandoned them is also the one thing that will bring them together, “food”.
  • A brokenhearted attorney meets his soulmate and finds that food, the thing that lost them their spouses, will bring them together.


Heavy Duty Lovers

Directed by

Luis Estrada
Lou Pizarro

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Luis Estrada
Pete Fernandez
Lou Pizarro

Heavy Duty Lovers

Cast (in credits order)

Lou Pizarro Lou Pizarro Lou
Lucia Bloke Lucia Bloke
Leni Rico Leni Rico Irma
Zamara Jimenez Zamara Jimenez Sandra
Eric Roberts Eric Roberts Mr. Roberts
David 'Blak' Plascencia David ‘Blak’ Plascencia David
Johnny Rey Diaz Johnny Rey Diaz Andy
Tania Estrada Tania Estrada Mrs. Roberts
Sole Bovelli Sole Bovelli Lisa
Carlo Sebastian Carlo Sebastian Dave
Elvis Michel Elvis Michel Elvis
Sole Leon de le Barra Sole Leon de le Barra Lisa
Cesar D' La Torre Cesar D’ La Torre DR Martinez
Vince Romo Vince Romo Prisoner
Angel Rangel Angel Rangel Court Room extra
Luka Pizarro Luka Pizarro Luka
Mario Orozco Mario Orozco
Celine Pizarro Celine Pizarro Court Room Stenographer
Chris Maqueda Chris Maqueda Court
Will Lopez Will Lopez Will
Elena Ghenoiu Elena Ghenoiu Whitney
Kayd Currier Kayd Currier Kayde
Diana Cabuto Diana Cabuto Diana
Laura Auld Laura Auld
Kenny Arroyo Kenny Arroyo John Fernandez
Allison Aquino Allison Aquino Allison
Ronnie Alvarez Ronnie Alvarez Ronnie

Produced by

Elvis Michel producer
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Heavy Duty Lovers