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  • A Brother and Sister facing troubling times coming up in the hardcore streets of Detroit, MI. When one chooses a life of corruption the other chooses their career, when faced with a difficult decision they both pay the ultimate Price Of Love.
  • Siblings from a hard life in Detroit take separate paths, the sister picks crime and the brother chooses his career, until fate brings a tough choice.



Directed by

Kamal Smith

Price of Love


Kimeth Allan Kimeth Allan Pell
Amber Amber Jewel
Marvin Bennett Marvin Bennett Mike
Richtown Chae Richtown Chae Lil Melvin
Cameron Cottrell Cameron Cottrell Tez
DannyAlwaysWins DannyAlwaysWins Biggs
Carl Deadrick Carl Deadrick Captain
Autumn Estridge Autumn Estridge Young Jasmine
Julia Fearing Julia Fearing Girl on phone with Jasmine
Kaamel Hasaun Kaamel Hasaun Woodz
Terry Hyeopsli Terry Hyeopsli Young Sebastian’s Friend
Jeremiah Jeremiah Young Sebastian
Marquida Kelly Marquida Kelly Karen
Camryn King Camryn King Young Haze
Emory Lawrence Emory Lawrence Sebastian
Shelby Leigh Shelby Leigh Hayes
Lorenzo Lorenzo Jasmin & Haze Strip Club Victim #1
LuLu Love LuLu Love Pearl
Mena Monroe Mena Monroe Karen
Remy Murphy Remy Murphy Karen Cust #1
Neisha Neshae Neisha Neshae Jasmine
Joe Shamnas Joe Shamnas Drez Victim #1
Smerf Smerf Jasmin & Haze Strip Club Victim #2
Chivez Smith Chivez Smith Buns
Icewear Vezzo Icewear Vezzo
King Wesley King Wesley Drez

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Price of Love