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The founder of “Tesla” promotes the idea of ​​​​a basic income globally

Aug 21, 2021
The founder of “Tesla” promotes the idea of ​​​​a basic income globally

The founder of “Tesla” promotes the idea of ​​​​a basic income globally


Elon Musk, CEO and co-founder of the American “T e s l a” for electric cars, stated that the idea of ​​a universal basic income for people is necessary in light of the possible rise of the robot in the coming years.


Musk attended a forum related to discussing artificial intelligence technology, which was held in California, and explained that in the near future, physical labor will be optional, and therefore, in the long run, there will be a need for a global basic income distribution.


By this, “Mask” means that governments around the world distribute income to their citizens without the need for work or anything, but only to ensure a minimum quality of life for them.


These statements come as Musk seeks to produce a prototype of the Tesla robot in 2022.


The CEO of “T e s l a“, describing the robot that it will be friendly with humans, will reach a height of about 8.5 inches, and move at speeds of up to five miles per hour, and stressed that this robot may threaten human jobs if it is mass-produced.


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