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I Declare War takes you into the heart of the city of Detroit where The Sinclair Family, The Demarco Family & the Khalil Family are each vying for control, power, money and the love of their families. Each family has a strong patriarch but being the leader of an organized crime family comes with a very high price. This is war and casualties will be your wife, your children or even yourself. All rules are being violated and everyone is a target. Old friends are now enemies, families are divided and new family bonds are being formed. Once the gunfire has ceased and the bodies have been found the Judge and the jury will make their call but only God can decide which family will still be around.

Dennis L. Reed
Aleksandra Luca
Michael James Alexander
Harley Wallen
Earnest Lee
Anthony McNeil

Series Directed by

Dennis L. Reed II (6 episodes, 2016)
Jezar Riches (1 episode, 2016)

Series Writing Credits

Dennis L. Reed II (6 episodes, 2016)

Series Cast

Aleksandra Luca Aleksandra Luca  Emily7 episodes, 2016 
Harley Wallen Harley Wallen  Nick Beckham / …6 episodes, 2016 
Michael James Alexander Michael James Alexander  Michael / …6 episodes, 2016 
Anthony McNeil Anthony McNeil  Adolph Sinclair5 episodes, 2016 
Earnest Lee Earnest Lee  Beast5 episodes, 2016 
Chazmar Hall Chazmar Hall  Brandon Williams5 episodes, 2016 
Lemastor Spratling Lemastor Spratling  Carlton McBride5 episodes, 2016 
Andrae Todd James Bicy Andrae Todd James Bicy  Christian Moore5 episodes, 2016 
Ulyssa Hancock Ulyssa Hancock  Jasmine Sinclair5 episodes, 2016 
David Pesce David Pesce  Sal5 episodes, 2016 
Calhoun Koenig Calhoun Koenig  Lennon Ki5 episodes, 2016 
Saylor Spees Saylor Spees  Laura / …5 episodes, 2016 
Maia Nelson Maia Nelson  Jaida Sinclair4 episodes, 2016 
Chiquita Dunham-Parker Chiquita Dunham-Parker  Jenna Sinclair4 episodes, 2016 
Ali Baba Ali Baba  Muhammad Khalil4 episodes, 2016 
Laura Johns Laura Johns  Rosemary4 episodes, 2016 
Serina Makled Serina Makled  Sophia Khalil / …4 episodes, 2016 
Waleed Mansoob Waleed Mansoob  Suliman4 episodes, 2016 
Jon W. Martin Jon W. Martin  Vinnie4 episodes, 2016 
Arielle Olkhovsky Arielle Olkhovsky  Ella / …4 episodes, 2016 
Joseph Ouellette Joseph Ouellette 4 episodes, 2016 
Julia Kate Ouellette Julia Kate Ouellette 4 episodes, 2016 
Mike T. Tremblay Mike T. Tremblay  Toney4 episodes, 2016 
Kevin Mattson Kevin Mattson  Bear3 episodes, 2016 
Pam German Pam German  Dr. Carter3 episodes, 2016 
Dan Zarembski Dan Zarembski  Frank Demarco / …3 episodes, 2016 
Sarah Evalt Sarah Evalt  Mina Ki3 episodes, 2016 
Tez Bannerman Tez Bannerman  Thomas3 episodes, 2016 
Ethan Ratcliff Ethan Ratcliff  CJ3 episodes, 2016 
Dave Chaney Dave Chaney  Jackson Sinclair3 episodes, 2016 
Jenaya Jones Reynolds Jenaya Jones Reynolds  Janice / …3 episodes, 2016 
Jacob T. Ouellette Jacob T. Ouellette 3 episodes, 2016 
Kara Joy Reed Kara Joy Reed  Sabrina Randazzo3 episodes, 2016 
Garrett Thierry Garrett Thierry  Vito3 episodes, 2016 
Nader Hamad Nader Hamad  Abdul Khalil2 episodes, 2016 
Yassie Hawkes Yassie Hawkes  Jamillah2 episodes, 2016 
Christian Kubica Christian Kubica  Khan2 episodes, 2016 
Grover McCants Grover McCants  Officer Willie Rogers2 episodes, 2016 
Edward Knighton Edward Knighton  Tyson2 episodes, 2016 
Terri Partyka Terri Partyka  Andriana2 episodes, 2016 
Darius Suber Darius Suber  Hitman 1 / …2 episodes, 2016 
Tyler Rich Tyler Rich  Hitman 2 / …2 episodes, 2016 
Kevin R. Allen Kevin R. Allen  Neil2 episodes, 2016 
Kimberly Cruchon Brooks Kimberly Cruchon Brooks  District Attorney Llyod2 episodes, 2016 
Dayna Christy Dayna Christy  Avery2 episodes, 2016 
George Dabish George Dabish  Oday2 episodes, 2016 
Suliman Hamad Suliman Hamad  Bari2 episodes, 2016 
Kellen Lee Kellen Lee  Kelly2 episodes, 2016 
Levi Stephenson Levi Stephenson  Billie / …2 episodes, 2016 
City Boy Wizzle City Boy Wizzle  Drive-by Shooter1 episode, 2016 
Nu-Nu Thurman Nu-Nu Thurman  Karmen Daniels1 episode, 2016 
Tyler Harding Tyler Harding  Steven1 episode, 2016 
Kaamel Hasaun Kaamel Hasaun  Thomas1 episode, 2016 
Ayriel Strange Ayriel Strange  Young Jaida1 episode, 2016 
Tava Chunn Tava Chunn  Young Jasmine1 episode, 2016 
ShaTonya Barnes ShaTonya Barnes  Young Jenna1 episode, 2016 
Katicha Anderson Katicha Anderson  Gwen1 episode, 2016 
Rick Beamon Rick Beamon  Brandon Williams Sr.1 episode, 2016 
Pazzella Bonner Pazzella Bonner  Reba1 episode, 2016 
Mikey Brown Mikey Brown  Cheese1 episode, 2016 
Malikia Cee Malikia Cee  Briana1 episode, 2016 
Kyle Clarington Kyle Clarington  Agent Walker1 episode, 2016 
Dennis Doyle Jr. Dennis Doyle Jr.  Mayor Patrick1 episode, 2016 
David Freeman David Freeman  Smalls1 episode, 2016 
Tamia Genia Tamia Genia  Killer1 episode, 2016 
Morgan Hough Morgan Hough  Erica1 episode, 2016 
Scott Huard Scott Huard  Mr. Carter1 episode, 2016 
Ian Johnson Ian Johnson  Keisha’s Date1 episode, 2016 
Henry Jones Henry Jones  Kidnapper1 episode, 2016 
Brian Kasgorgis Brian Kasgorgis  Qardir1 episode, 2016 
David Matthew Kowalski David Matthew Kowalski  Bowman1 episode, 2016 
Mesha J. Lillard Mesha J. Lillard  Sevyn1 episode, 2016 
Noura Mansour Noura Mansour  Akila1 episode, 2016 
Jim McIntosh Jim McIntosh  Alan1 episode, 2016 
Ashlie Mitchell Ashlie Mitchell  Alex1 episode, 2016 
Mohamed Nasher Mohamed Nasher  Latif1 episode, 2016 
Rose Anne Nepa Rose Anne Nepa  Detective Lloyd1 episode, 2016 
Ghassan Neshewait Ghassan Neshewait  Ghazi1 episode, 2016 
Diane Orr Diane Orr  Elizabeth1 episode, 2016 
Terrance Raines Terrance Raines  Esco1 episode, 2016 
Dennis L. Reed II Dennis L. Reed II  Masked Man #11 episode, 2016 
Pascal Rehm Pascal Rehm  Geovoni1 episode, 2016 
Wilora Robinson Wilora Robinson  Secretary1 episode, 2016 
Diana C. Salinas Diana C. Salinas  Gloria1 episode, 2016 
Tony Semanik Tony Semanik  Father Paterson1 episode, 2016 
Eva Shammas Eva Shammas  Saliha1 episode, 2016 
Iesha Sims Iesha Sims  Keisha1 episode, 2016 
Anthony Williams Anthony Williams  Pastor Timothy1 episode, 2016 
Orvalle Williams Orvalle Williams  William1 episode, 2016 
Deborah Wolfer Deborah Wolfer  Bartender1 episode, 2016 

Series Produced by

Kimberly Gault producer (6 episodes, 2016)
Ulyssa Hancock producer (6 episodes, 2016)
Love Logan producer (6 episodes, 2016)
Dennis L. Reed II executive producer (6 episodes, 2016)

Series Cinematography by

Jasper Dai (6 episodes, 2016)
Roe Dayzon (6 episodes, 2016)
Jason Gaines (1 episode, 2016)

Series Film Editing by

Roe Dayzon (6 episodes, 2016)
Lena Brielle (2 episodes, 2016)

Series Makeup Department

Nancy Oeswein special makeup effects artist (1 episode, 2016)

Series Sound Department

Tyler Rich audio tech (4 episodes, 2016)

Series Stunts

Braeden Luciano stunt player (1 episode, 2016)

Series Camera and Electrical Department

Rodney Sizemore gaffer (6 episodes, 2016)

Series Music Department

Rico Gibson score mixer (6 episodes, 2016)
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