Sangre Negra

Sangre Negra


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Cross-generational family drama meets political intrigue and the criminal underworld as the wealthy Santos clan battles for control of Los Angeles.


Set in Los Angeles, “Sangre Negra” aka “Black Blood’ is the cross-generational saga of the wealthy Santos family. It blends the style of classic TV series like “Dallas”, The Sopranos” and “Dynasty”, with the contemporary Latin feel of TV series “Queen of the South”, “Narcos”, and “Power “. Led by patriarch Guillermo Santos Sr. (Erik Estrada), and his sons; the slick defense attorney Guillermo Santos Jr., (Ricardo Herranz), the decorated police detective Christian Santos (Danny Arroyo), and the illegitimate son and gangster “Pretty” Ricky Santos (Antonio McKay). Ricky infuriates his “law and order” blood family by joining the notorious Sabatini crime mob family, led by Guillermo Sr.’s long time nemesis, Vinnie Sabatini (Robert Miano). Christian is engaged to beauty queen Francesca Natal (Arianna Gomez), the mother of Ricky Santos’ daughter, Natalya. Laura Santos (Sandra Santiago) is the glamorous, but vindictive 2nd wife of Guillermo Sr. College student Miguel Santos (Angel Garet), nephew to the Santos brothers, finds himself drawn into Ricky’s flamboyant underworld lifestyle, that includes disgraced former Navy Seal Ike Rollins (Billy R. Smith), and career criminal Cimarron Squalley (Stoney Jackson).


Series Directed by

Frank Pinnock (2 episodes, 2021)

Series Writing Credits

Antonio McKay (4 episodes, 2021)

Series Cast

Antonio McKay Antonio McKay  Ricky Santos4 episodes, 2021 
Arianna Gomez Arianna Gomez  Francesca Natal4 episodes, 2021 
Danny Arroyo Danny Arroyo  Christian Santos4 episodes, 2021 
Stoney Jackson Stoney Jackson  Cimarron Squalley4 episodes, 2021 
Robert Miano Robert Miano  Vinnie Sabatini4 episodes, 2021 
Billy Smith Billy Smith  Ike Rollins4 episodes, 2021 
Ricardo Herranz Ricardo Herranz  Guillermo Santos Jr3 episodes, 2021 
Todd Bridges Todd Bridges  Dante Lewis3 episodes, 2021 
Michael Goyeneche Michael Goyeneche  Gino ‘Smiley’ Ferrera3 episodes, 2021 
Jennifer Field Jennifer Field  Susan Wu3 episodes, 2021 
Angel Garet Angel Garet  Miguel Santos2 episodes, 2021 
Erik Estrada Erik Estrada  Guillermo Santos Sr2 episodes, 2021 
Sandra Santiago Sandra Santiago  Laura Santos2 episodes, 2021 
Sebastien Large Sebastien Large  Alfonso2 episodes, 2021 
Marilinda Rivera Marilinda Rivera  Rita ‘Velvet’ Rodriguez2 episodes, 2021 
George Thomas George Thomas  Cole Yates2 episodes, 2021 
Melorine Adler Melorine Adler  Brandy Dubois1 episode, 2021 
Holly Beavon Holly Beavon  Reporter1 episode, 2021 
G. Brian Benson G. Brian Benson  Lester Volk1 episode, 2021 
Monte Bezell Monte Bezell  Salvatore1 episode, 2021 
Karin Brauns Karin Brauns  Tess1 episode, 2021 
Julie Chapin Julie Chapin  Alexandra Levy1 episode, 2021 
Leila Ciancaglini Leila Ciancaglini 1 episode, 2021 
Joe Echegaray Joe Echegaray  Ramon Lopez1 episode, 2021 
Austin Falk Austin Falk  Raul1 episode, 2021 
Suzanne Sumner Ferry Suzanne Sumner Ferry  Maria Sabatini1 episode, 2021 
Estani Frizzell Estani Frizzell  Mrs. Volk1 episode, 2021 
Jerry Gilmore Jerry Gilmore  Lance Washington1 episode, 2021 
Edwin Gonzales Edwin Gonzales  Santiago1 episode, 2021 
Francesca Hernandez Francesca Hernandez  Natalya Santos1 episode, 2021 
Terrell Holden Terrell Holden  Det Barnes1 episode, 2021 
Gladise Jiminez Gladise Jiminez  Isabella1 episode, 2021 
Alyssa Kennedy Alyssa Kennedy  Michelle Kennedy1 episode, 2021 
Andre Kennedy Andre Kennedy  Manny Santos1 episode, 2021 
Gina La Piana Gina La Piana  Rosa Bianchi1 episode, 2021 
Zak Lee Zak Lee  Akeem1 episode, 2021 
Mingo Lewis Mingo Lewis  Jesus1 episode, 2021 
Jessica Nagel Jessica Nagel  Meg Swann1 episode, 2021 
Marceline Orallo Marceline Orallo  Adele Friedman1 episode, 2021 
Gloria Sandoval Gloria Sandoval  Theresa1 episode, 2021 
Aneiszka Sea Aneiszka Sea  Bambi1 episode, 2021 
Kristin Springett Kristin Springett  Elenora Mondrian1 episode, 2021 
Silvia Spross Silvia Spross  D.A. Lena Brockman1 episode, 2021 
Leah Stoltz Leah Stoltz  Victoria Ramos1 episode, 2021 
Gabrielle Tuite Gabrielle Tuite  Rebecca Lane Santos1 episode, 2021 
Carl Vanmeter Carl Vanmeter  Det Mason1 episode, 2021 

Series Produced by

Karriem ‘Knoccout’Madison executive producer (3 episodes, 2021)
Stoney Jackson executive producer (3 episodes, 2021)
Antonio McKay producer / executive producer (3 episodes, 2021)
Inga Madison executive producer (2 episodes, 2021)
Frank Pinnock producer (2 episodes, 2021)
Michael Vernon executive producer (2 episodes, 2021)

Series Music by

‘ Marco Reeder (unknown episodes)

Series Cinematography by

Vahe Papazyan (unknown episodes)

Series Film Editing by

Michael S. Ojeda (unknown episodes)
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