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Watch A Quiet Place (2018), Story, Stars, Reviews & All You Want To Know About A Great Movie

Sep 22, 2022
Watch A Quiet Place (2018), Story, Stars, Reviews & All You Want To Know About A Great Movie

Watch A Quiet Place (2018), Story, Stars, Reviews & All You Want To Know About A Great Movie


A Quiet Place (2018)

In a post-apocalyptic world, a family is forced to live in silence while hiding from monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing.

A Quiet Place is a 2018 American post-apocalyptic horror film directed by John Krasinski and written by Bryan Woods, Scott Beck and Krasinski, from a story conceived by Woods and Beck. The plot revolves around a father (Krasinski) and a mother (Emily Blunt) who struggle to survive and rear their children (Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe) in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by blind monsters with an acute sense of hearing.

Beck and Woods began developing the story while in college. In July 2016, Krasinski read their spec script and was hired to direct and rewrite the script in March the following year. Krasinski and Blunt were cast in the lead roles in May 2017. Filming took place in upstate New York from May to November 2017.

A Quiet Place premiered at South by Southwest on March 9, 2018, and was released in the United States on April 6, 2018, by Paramount Pictures. It grossed more than $350 million worldwide and received critical acclaim. The film was described as a “smart, wickedly frightening good time” by Rotten Tomatoes,[4] and chosen by both the National Board of Review and American Film Institute as one of the top ten films of 2018.

The film was nominated for several awards, including a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score; an Academy Award for Best Sound Editing; a Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay; and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role for Blunt, which she won.

A sequel, A Quiet Place Part II, was released on May 28, 2021, with Krasinski returning to the director’s chair and the main cast also returning with the addition of Cillian Murphy.

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A Quiet Place (2018) Trailer


A Quiet Place (2018) Reviews

John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place” is a nerve-shredder. It’s a movie designed to make you an active participant in a game of tension, not just a passive observer in an unfolding horror. Most of the great horror movies are so because we become actively invested in the fate of the characters and involved in the cinematic exercise playing out before us. It is a tight thrill ride—the kind of movie that quickens the heart rate and plays with the expectations of the audience, while never treating them like idiots. In other words, it’s a really good horror movie.
With his script, co-written by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, Krasinski wastes no time. We see a family—Krasinski plays the unnamed father, his real-life wife Emily Blunt plays the mother, and Noah Jupe (“Suburbicon”), Millicent Simmonds (“Wonderstruck”), and Cade Woodward play their three children. The eldest, the girl, is deaf (as is the remarkable young actress who plays her).A title card says it’s “Day 89,” and we can tell we’re in a recently-post-apocalyptic world. The family very slowly—on tiptoes—moves around a small-town store, taking some of the few remaining supplies and some prescription drugs for the older boy, who looks like he has the flu. They communicate in sign language and are incredibly careful not to make a sound, but the youngest boy draws a picture of a rocket on the floor—the thing that he signs will take them all away.

We quickly discern that sound in this world is dangerous. And the danger is intensified in the following sequence as the youngest child finds a toy that makes noise and … things don’t end well. The bulk of “A Quiet Place” takes place over a year later, as the family continues to grieve and the mother is about 38 weeks pregnant. Preparing for the arrival of a newborn baby in a world without noise is difficult, and the father continues to pore over newspaper articles and research, looking for a way to stop the creatures that kill at the slightest sound.

Larger-than-life enemies that can detect their prey aurally have been a part of great cinema for years, from the xenomorph hunting the crew of the Nostromo in “Alien” to the dinosaurs of “Jurassic Park,” and Krasinski knows that lineage. He’s incredibly smart about the way he brings the viewer into this auditory game. He’s regularly—but not too regularly—setting up what could be called ‘auditory expectations.’

He’ll show us a shotgun or an exposed nail in the floor or a timer in silence—and we know full well what sounds those are likely to produce. Don’t worry—Krasinski doesn’t overplay it at all. There aren’t rooms of wind chimes or broken glass. It’s a very subtle, clever storytelling tool to build tension when a director and his co-screenwriters aren’t allowed to use dialogue to do so, and it pulls us into this world in a way that’s unexpected and incredibly enjoyable.

It also helps that Krasinski displays a sense of composition and economic storytelling that he hasn’t really before in other films. “A Quiet Place” is a no-nonsense, lean movie—the best kind when it comes to thrillers. It feels like every shot has been considered incredibly carefully as the film ticks like a clock on a bomb, perfectly balancing scares with scenes that set up the emotional stakes and the world of these characters.The film has a beautiful sense of geography, almost all of it taking place on a farm that Krasinski and his technical team lay out in a way that allows us to feel like we know it. This is not one of those films that mistakes shaky camerawork for horror storytelling. It’s got a refined visual language that plays beautifully with perspective and the terrifying nature of a world in which we can’t yell to warn/find people or, in the case of the deaf daughter, hear what’s coming.

On that note, there’s also—without spoiling anything—a strong, enabling message at the core of “A Quiet Place.” It’s a film that’s about empowerment more than sheltering, and it’s that emotional hook that really elevates the final act. It helps a great deal that Krasinski completely sticks the landing. It has one of the best final shots in horror in years—and, of course, it comes with a familiar auditory cue that had the audience here at SXSW cheering.

With almost no dialogue, “A Quiet Place” relies a great deal on visual storytelling, but I’ll admit that it also uses the crutches of composer Marco Beltrami’s strings for jump scares a bit too much. It’s total conjecture, but one can almost sense Platinum Dunes head Michael Bay insisting on those devices, and I’d love to see a version of “A Quiet Place” that’s even sparser in terms of on-the-nose choices like sound-scares and an overheated score.

We live in a such a noisy world that it’s hard to imagine that constant sound being taken away. We use noise to express ourselves—it’s a part of who we are as people. And “A Quiet Place” weaponizes that part of the human condition in a way that owes a debt to films like “Alien” but also charts its own new ground. So many great horror films are about people who have to adapt to survive—they have to challenge their own insecurities or preconceptions to make it through the night.

In that sense, great horror films are often about empowerment, taking away that which some might perceive as weak. “A Quiet Place” shreds the nerves, but it does so in a way that feels rewarding. You don’t just walk out having experienced a thrill ride, you walk out on a high, the kind of high that only comes from the best horror movies.

  • Brian Tallerico –  Roger Ebert
  • Brian Tallerico is the Editor of RogerEbert.com, and also covers television, film, Blu-ray, and video games. He is also a writer for Vulture, The Playlist, The New York Times, and Rolling Stone, and the President of the Chicago Film Critics Association.

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A Quiet Place (2018) Credits

A Quiet Place movie poster

A Quiet Place (2018)

Rated PG-13 for terror and some bloody images.

95 minutes


Emily Blunt

John Krasinski

Noah Jupe as Marcus

Millicent Simmonds

Cade Woodward as Beau


  • John Krasinski

Writer (story by)

  • Bryan Woods
  • Scott Beck


  • Bryan Woods
  • Scott Beck
  • John Krasinski


  • Charlotte Bruus Christensen


  • Christopher Tellefsen


  • Marco Beltrami

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A Quiet Place (2018) Plot

Sightless aliens with sharp hearing take over the planet and kill most of the human population. The Abbott family — mother Evelyn, father Lee, deaf daughter Regan, and sons Marcus and Beau — live on an isolated farm in the middle of the forest. They must take special precautions in order to avoid making noise, such as making sand paths through the forest to avoid stepping on crunching leaves, and using American Sign Language when communicating.

When the family goes into town for supplies, Beau finds a toy space shuttle, which Lee makes him leave alone because it would make too much noise. As they are getting ready to leave, Regan secretly gives him back the toy, but without its batteries. When they leave, Beau secretly takes back these batteries. While walking back home, Beau secretly triggers the toy space shuttle, which starts making noise. The noise alerts a nearby creature which stealthily jumps out of the forest and kills him.

Almost a year after Beau’s death, the family has seemingly gone back to normal, with Evelyn several months pregnant. Marcus reluctantly goes fishing with his dad while Regan, upset that she cannot go, visits Beau’s grave. While everybody is gone, Evelyn goes into labor; while going downstairs, she steps on a nail and drops a photo frame, which alerts nearby creatures. She flips a switch, turning the surrounding lights around the house red.

She tries to go upstairs but finds out that one of the creatures has entered the house. Soon after, it enters the basement; Evelyn sets an egg timer, distracting the creature and giving herself time to run upstairs. She begins giving birth in the bathtub upstairs as the creature slowly makes its way towards her. Lee and Marcus, who are back from fishing, notice the red lights and set off fireworks to create a diversion.

Regan, seeing the fireworks, runs back to the house. Lee then enters the house and brings the baby and Evelyn into the basement. The baby cries, alerting a creature into the basement. This creature fails to find the source, but breaks some water pipes. Marcus and Regan go to the top of a silo and light a fire. Meanwhile, Evelyn wakes up in the flooded basement with the beast still inside; she hides behind a waterfront as this creature moves towards her.

After getting into an argument, Marcus falls through the silo’s roof, and Regan jumps after him. The creature in the basement runs towards the silo and attacks Regan and Marcus. Regan squeezes her cochlear implant, making a high pitched noise.

The creature, in pain, runs off, breaking a hole in the silo. Lee finds Regan and Marcus, and tells them to get in his truck and drive back to the house. A creature then appears, attacks Lee, and wounds him; Marcus screams inside the truck, turning the creature’s attention to them. Lee, realizing that his children are about to die unless he intervenes, signs to Regan that he has always loved her, before screaming loudly. The creature then kills Lee, giving Regan and Marcus time to drive back to the house.

Back at the house, the children are greeted by Evelyn and they embrace. After hearing a nearby creature shriek, they retreat to the basement, where Regan sees that her dad was studying cochlear implants to help her hear. A creature comes into the basement; Regan takes off her cochlear implant and slams it on a guitar amp; the resulting noise makes the creature shriek in pain and expose its soft inner mouth, allowing Evelyn to shoot and kill it.

With Marcus and the baby hiding in the corner of the basement, Regan and Evelyn look on the screens connected to the security cameras and see two other creatures running towards the house. Regan turns up the wattage and lifts the microphone. Evelyn looks at Regan, smiles, and cocks her shotgun.

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A Quiet Place (2018) Box office

The Tracking Board reported on March 14, “The stellar reviews out of SXSW, coupled with the fact that there isn’t anything like it in the marketplace, should help it stand out among its bigger-budget competition.”[36] Deadline Hollywood said on March 15 that the film was projected to gross around $20 million in its opening weekend.[8] Variety reported on March 27 that the film “is tracking to open between” $16 million and $30 million,[37] which reached a basement of low-$20 million by the week of its release.

BoxOffice initially estimated on February 9, 2018, that A Quiet Place would gross $17 million in its opening weekend, and that it would gross a total of $60 million in the United States.[39] By March 30, it increased its estimate to an opening weekend gross of $27.5 million and a US total gross of $85 million.

The magazine said the film’s trailer was well-received online and that it appeared frequently in previews for Star Wars: The Last JediBoxOffice wrote, “The horror genre has also shown a knack for over-performing against expectations at the box office in recent years, setting this release up for potential success.” It added that A Quiet Place would have to compete against another horror film, Truth or Dare, which would be released the following weekend.

The magazine’s staff drew “very favorable” comparisons between A Quiet Place and the 2016 films 10 Cloverfield Lane and Don’t Breathe.


Theatrical run

A Quiet Place was first commercially released in theaters in the first week of April 2018 in multiple territories, including North America.[42] The film grossed $188 million in the United States and Canada, and $152 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $341 million.[3] Deadline Hollywood estimates the net profit of the film to be $93 million, when factoring together all expenses and revenues.[32]

Paramount Pictures released the film in 3,508 theaters in the United States and Canada on April 6, 2018, alongside BlockersChappaquiddick, and The Miracle Season.

The film made $18.9 million on its first day (including $4.3 million from Thursday night previews at 2,750 theaters), increasing weekend projections to $47 million. Unlike most horror films, which are front-loaded on Friday and experience drops the rest of the weekend, A Quiet Place made $19.1 million on Saturday. It went on to debut to $50.2 million, topping the box office and marking the biggest opening for a Paramount film since Star Trek Beyond in July 2016.

The film made $32.9 million in its second weekend, dropping 34% (better than the 50+% that horror films normally see) and finishing second at the box office, behind newcomer Rampage ($35.7 million).[45] The hold represented the second-best-ever second weekend for a scary movie behind It.[46] The film regained the top spot the following week, grossing $20.9 million (a 36% drop),[47] but dropped back down to second place the following weekend behind newcomer Avengers: Infinity War with $10.7 million.[48]

Through its first two weeks of international release, the film had made $51.7 million, with its top markets being the United Kingdom ($9.2 million), Mexico ($5.1 million), Australia ($4.6 million), Brazil ($3.9 million), Indonesia ($3.4 million), the Philippines ($2.7 million)[49] and Taiwan ($1.9 million). It also debuted to $2.2 million in Russia, the biggest-ever opening for a Paramount horror film in the country.

In its third weekend overseas, it dipped only 37% for a total of $15 million from 57 markets.[51] In its fourth weekend in international markets, it grossed $6.6 million.[51] As of May 20, 2018, the film’s largest markets were United Kingdom ($16.3 million), Australia ($9.3 million), Mexico ($7.5 million) and Brazil ($6.9 million). The film was released in China on May 18 and made $17.7 million from 8,731 screens in its opening weekend.

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A Quiet Place (2018) Critical Response

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 96% based on 387 reviews, and an average rating of 8.2/10. The website’s critical consensus reads: “A Quiet Place artfully plays on elemental fears with a ruthlessly intelligent creature feature that’s as original as it is scary – and establishes director John Krasinski as a rising talent.” On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 82 out of 100, based on 55 critics, indicating “universal acclaim”.

Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of “B+” on an A+ to F scale, while PostTrak reported filmgoers gave it an 81% overall positive score and a 63% “definite recommend”.[57]

Writing for Rolling Stone, Peter Travers gave the film 3.5 out of 4, praising the movie’s exploration of themes about parenthood, and saying “This new horror classic will fry your nerves to a frazzle.”[58]

Varietys Owen Gleiberman said, “A Quiet Place is a tautly original genre-bending exercise, technically sleek and accomplished, with some vivid, scary moments, though it’s a little too in love with the stoned logic of its own premise.”[59] Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune gave the film 2.5 out of 4 and said, “My favorite moment, an encounter between Regan and one of the monsters in a cornfield, plays with sound and image and tension, creatively. Other bits are more shameless…I don’t know if I’d call A Quiet Place enjoyable; it’s more grueling than cathartic.”[60]

Author Stephen King praised the film in a tweet, saying, “A QUIET PLACE is an extraordinary piece of work. Terrific acting, but the main thing is the SILENCE, and how it makes the camera’s eye open wide in a way few movies manage.”

Nick Allen of RogerEbert.com called A Quiet Place “Krasinski’s breakthrough as a triple-threat entertainer, but it’s been a long time coming… By no accident, he’s tackled the horror genre while relying on the unique strength that can be seen throughout his acting work, and one that has made him relatable as an everyman across TV and film—expressive silence.”

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian says: “In its simplicity and punch, this is a film that feels as if it could have been made decades ago, in the classic age of Planet of the Apes or The Omega Man. It is a cracking back-to-basics thriller that does not depend too much on what these creatures look like.”[63]

Matthew Monagle of Film School Rejects said A Quiet Place seemed to be “the early frontrunner for the sparsely intellectual horror movie of the year”, like previous films The Babadook (2014) and The Witch (2015). Monagle said Krasinski, who had directed two previous films, was “making an unusual pivot into a genre typically reserved for newcomers”, and considered it to be part of a movement toward horror films layered “in storytelling, [with] character beats not typically found in a horror movie”.

Tatiana Tenreyro, writing for Bustle, said while A Quiet Place was not a silent film, “It is the first of its kind within the modern horror genre for how little spoken dialogue it actually has.” She said the rare moments of spoken dialogue “give depth to this horror movie, showing how the narrative defies the genre’s traditional films even further”.


A Quiet Place (2018) Accolades

Award Date of ceremony Category Recipient(s) Result
Writers Guild of America Awards February 17, 2019 Best Original Screenplay John Krasinski, Scott Beck, and Bryan Woods Nominated
Teen Choice Awards August 12, 2018 Choice Drama Movie A Quiet Place Nominated
Screen Actors Guild Awards January 27, 2019 Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role Emily Blunt Won
Saturn Award September 13, 2019 Best Horror Film A Quiet Place Won
Saturn Award September 13, 2019 Best Performance by a Younger Actor Millicent Simmonds Nominated
Saturn Award September 13, 2019 Best Writing John Krasinski, Scott Beck, and Bryan Woods Won
Saturn Award September 13, 2019 Best Editing Christopher Tellefsen Nominated
Saturn Award September 13, 2019 Best Special Effects A Quiet Place Nominated
Satellite Awards February 17, 2019 Best Original Screenplay John Krasinski, Scott Beck, and Bryan Woods Nominated
Satellite Awards February 17, 2019 Best Sound (Editing and Mixing) A Quiet Place Won
San Diego Film Critics Society December 9, 2018 Best Film A Quiet Place Nominated
San Diego Film Critics Society December 9, 2018 Best Director John Krasinski Nominated
San Diego Film Critics Society December 9, 2018 Best Editing Christopher Tellefsen Nominated
San Diego Film Critics Society December 9, 2018 Best Original Screenplay John Krasinski, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods Nominated
Producers Guild Awards January 19, 2019 Producers Guild of America Award for Best Theatrical Motion Picture A Quiet Place Nominated
People’s Choice Awards November 11, 2018 Movie of the Year A Quiet Place Nominated
People’s Choice Awards November 11, 2018 Drama Movie of the Year A Quiet Place Nominated
People’s Choice Awards November 11, 2018 Drama Movie Star of the Year Emily Blunt Nominated
People’s Choice Awards November 11, 2018 Drama Movie Star of the Year John Krasinski Nominated
National Board of Review January 8, 2019 Top Ten Films A Quiet Place Won
MTV Movie & TV Awards June 16, 2018 Most Frightened Performance Emily Blunt Nominated
Motion Picture Sound Editors February 17, 2019 Feature Film – Music Underscore A Quiet Place Nominated
Motion Picture Sound Editors February 17, 2019 Feature Film – Dialogue/ADR A Quiet Place Nominated
Motion Picture Sound Editors February 17, 2019 Feature Film – Effects/Foley A Quiet Place Won
Hollywood Music in Media Awards November 14, 2018 Original Score – Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Film Marco Beltrami Nominated
Hollywood Film Awards November 4, 2018 Hollywood Sound Award Erik Aadahl, Ethan Van der Ryn and Brandon Proctor Won
Golden Globe Awards January 6, 2019 Best Original Score Marco Beltrami Nominated
Critics’ Choice Movie Awards January 13, 2019 Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie A Quiet Place Won
Critics’ Choice Movie Awards January 13, 2019 Best Original Screenplay John Krasinski, Scott Beck, and Bryan Woods Nominated
Critics’ Choice Movie Awards January 13, 2019 Best Young Performer Millicent Simmonds Nominated
British Academy Film Awards February 10, 2019 Best Sound Erik Aadahl, Michael Barosky, Brandon Procter, Ethan Van der Ryn Nominated
American Film Institute Awards January 4, 2019 Top 10 Films of the Year A Quiet Place Won
Academy Awards February 24, 2019 Best Sound Editing Erik Aadahl and Ethan Van der Ryn Nominated

A Quiet Place (2018) Movie Info

If they hear you, they hunt you. A family must live in silence to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. Knowing that even the slightest whisper or footstep can bring death, Evelyn and Lee are determined to find a way to protect their children while desperately searching for a way to fight back.

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